Our characters


Hey everyone. My name is Eva. I am 5 years old and I like having fun with my family. It’s great that I can teach my little brother a lot of new things – this is our favorite playtime! 


Hey! I’m Teo. I’m 3 and I love my big sister! One of my favorite things in the world is the alphabet – I am sure you can run through the alphabet for all subjects you can think of and learn a lot of new things.


Hello everyone! I am Eva and Teo’s dad. I am a firefighter and I like telling my kids of all the wonderful adventures that happen to me and my colleagues at work. I like playing sports with my kids.



Hello Kids! I am Eva and Teo’s mum. I am so happy to help my kids learn. I play with them all the time. I work in a travel agency and I like dreaming of great holidays we can go on as a family!


Hello there! I am Eva and Teo’s grandfather – I am their mum’s dad. I have a bag full of stories for my grandkids and for you to hear.


Hello Kids! I am Eva and Teo’s grandmother – I am their mum’s mother. I like baking goodies for all children and knitting. But most of all, I like playing with my grandchildren and listen to all the wonderful adventures they come up with.