Our Partners

Wooden Toys & Crafts wishes to offer the children to chance to develop all essential abilities through play. Because playing is the best and most fun way to learn, explore and descover. It represents the starting point for every parent in choosing the necessary toys for each development stage. 

The toys presented by Wooden Toys & Crafts are a selection of the most popular wooden toys in the past 20 years in Europe – toys that helped children play, learn and grow. From day one the priority for Wooden Toys & Crafts was to bring quality toys at accessible prices – not cheap, low quality toys. This concept led to one of the best toys and games selection with a unique price-benefit ratio. The toys and games offer is in continual growth, so stay tuned!

Debs Art for Animals

Learning through art is one of most fun and exciting activities both for children and adults. The love for animals and being aware of the animals’ needs is also a very important part of early education.

Debs Art for Animals combines both these into an amazing and unique project started and coordinated by Deborah Dinu – veterinarian surgeon and abstract artist. 


The concept behind Debs Art for Animals is simple. All their activity is in the benefit of animals in need all over the world. Basically, a part of the price one pays for paintings or other products will be donated to foundations helping animals have a better life.


Buying their products – either original art, paint by numbers sets, puzzles or any other of their amazing proposals – will teach your child the importance of art and of charity work at the same time.